Physiotherapie & Massage

We do our utmost for your health.

Our experienced and well-established spa doctor will treat you with his utmost care in order to encourage your regeneration, joints and your immune system.

In our physiotherapy and massage praxis you will find a huge offer of modern as well as traditional treatment methods which will be used to increase your entire well-being. Besides the various health treatment offers the idea of beauty and spa does also play an important role.

This idea of beauty and spa will be supported by our “Feel-good-treatments” which will be effected by our highly-qualified and highly-motivated team of experts, highlighted by the invitingly equipped health area which furthermore encourages the spa feeling in our Appartement Hotel.

The on-house physiotherapy, doctor and massage praxis can be directly achieved via an elevator.

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Physiotherapy & massage

 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 27,50
Traditional massage
  • loose muscles
  • myogelosis
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 21,-
Natural fango on heated waterbed
   € 29,-
Fango kneading
 Duration: ca. 10 min. € 15,-
Manual lymph drainage
 Duration: ca. 40 min. € 46,-
 Duration: ca. 60 min. € 60,-
Manual therapy
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 31,50
Connective tissue massage
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 21,-
Extension / Schlingentisch
 Duration: ca. 10 min. € 10,-
Electro therapy
 Duration: ca. 10 min. € 10,-
Spezielle Schulter- und Hüftbehandlungen
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 27,50
Cryotherapy/ice treatment
 Duration: ca. 10 min. € 12,-
Healing clay
 Duration: ca. 20 min. € 19,-
 Duration: ca. 10 min. € 9,-



The Cranio-Sacrale-therapy (skull, spine, sacrum therapy) was formed by W.G. Sutherland at the beginning of the 20. century. He discovered that the skull is moved in a way of rhythmic moves which are continued to the sacrum. The liquor (cerebropinal fluid) pulses between the skull and sacrum. The therapist identifies and determines the cranio-sacrale rhythm. If the rhythm does not pulse in the right quality due to possible blockades, the therapist activates it by means of special massage techniques and enhances therefore the healing mechanism of your body.

Application fields:

  • shock, traumata
  • problems during pregnancy, birth trauma, children who cry continuously
  • migraines, headaches, tinnitus, sinusitis
  • temporomandibular joint problems, teeth grinding
  • insomnia
  • depressionen, state of exhaustion
 Duration: ca. 60 min. € 65,-
Foot reflexology treatment
All vital organs and muscle groups of the body are reflected in the foot reflexology. Due to targeted stimulation of the reflexology on the plantar venous arch, the healthiness of the body can be sustainably encouraged or even reduced.
 Duration: ca. 40 min. € 44,-
 Duration: ca. 60 min. € 65,-
APM – acupuncture massage according to Penzel
The APM has its routes in the traditional Chinese medicine. This therapy functions as a regulation therapy on the basis of the Chinese idea of an energy system which describes primarly the massage along the meridians which could show a deficit of energy. The second point is that the acupuncture point can be stimulated, too. Thanks to this massage the Yin-Yang circle is harmonised in order to balance the meridian energy.
 Duration: ca. 40 min. € 50,-
Aroma massage with oils of Pino
Already in the Ancient Egypt aroma oils were used for massage in order to have a nurtured skin which is protected to the dry climate. Even in the Chinese herbal medicine essential oils are used for centuries. The aroma of aroma oils is not their only characteristics. They banish stress and tensions and enhance your mood.
 Duration: ca. 30 min. € 35,-
 Duration: ca. 30 min. € 35,-
 Duration: ca. 60 min. € 65,-
Hot Stone massage
Your energy centers are treated with warm lava stones and aroma oils in order to deeply loosen your muscles and find full relaxation.
 Duration: ca. 75 min. € 85,-
Lumi Lumi Nui
Hawaiian temple oil massage
Let yourself be pampered by means of the “queen of massage”. Lumi Lumi Nui is a full-body massage which will not only loosen your muscels but addresses to people. Warm essential oils combined with Hawaiian sounds will bring deep relaxation and recovery.
 Duration: ca. 100 min. € 105,-
Cupping glass massage
Prior to the cupping glass massage the skin is nurtured with oils, consequently the cupping classes are applied and put along the muscles with underpressure. By doing so, the muscles are loosened and the blood circulation is more encouraged as by means of a usual massage. Little bleeding in the skin as well as bruising can occur due to the strong treatment. However, they should disappear within 2-3 days.
 Duration: ca. 40 min. € 45,-
Honey massage
During the honey massage all slag materials and waste products are extracted from the tissue due to the pumping motion of the hands. The honey has healing and detoxifying effects. The honey massage animates the whole body and improves blood circulation.
 Duration: ca. 30 min. € 35,-
 Duration: ca. 80 min. € 90,-
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Appartements mit hauseigener Massagepraxis / Massagepraxis Bad Füssing / Physiotherapiepraxis Bad Füssing 

Im Bavaria Appartementhaus in Bad Füssing erwartet Sie eine hauseigene Massagepraxis Bad Füssing sowie eine hauseigene Physiotherapiepraxis Bad Füssing. Der Kurarzt des Appartementhaus an der Therme Bad Füssing / Heilpraktiker des Appartementhaus Bavaria und sein kompetentes Team stehen Ihnen jederzeit bei Fragen zu den entsprechenden Behandlungen zur Verfügung. Natürlich können Sie sich auch bei einer Massage in der hauseigenen Massage- und Physiotherapiepraxis vom Alltagsstress entspannen.