Spa treatment & remedy directive

Ambulant pension benefits

For an ambulant pension benefits or rehabilitation treatments, please submit your application to your health insurance fund. If your health insurance fund has accepted your application to pension benefits the decision regarding the health resort and the start is up to you according agreement.

The duration can variate, not 3 weeks as it was so far, this rule is not longer applicable. Your health insurance will be a subsidy for daily allowance amounting to 8.00 EUR to 13,00 EUR

It is possible to make demands on spa treatments every 3 years. Upon request our inhouse team of medical practitioner of the Bavaria Appartementhaus will take care of your treatment. After consulting our spa doctor you can enjoy your therapy according to your individual rules in the inhouse physiotherapy and massage practice in the Bavaria Appartementhaus.

Remedy directive

It goes without saying that you can enjoy our treatments and thermal baths which have been prescribed by your doctor at home or the spa doctor on your insurance card.

Please do not hesitate to contact us: +49 (0)8531 2907-0
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