Living and feeling good

Both, living and feeling good are very closely affiliated with each other during your holiday.

Comfortable living invites to spend some calm hours and offer relaxation.
Warm colours and a bottle of water “light source” which we provide at your room will put you in the right mood to spend relaxation holidays. Upon request we also provide fresh bread rolls – even on Sunday.

Equipped with:

  • latscreen TV
  • radio
  • direct dial telephones
  • internet access free of charge
  • completely equipped kitchen
  • large loggia (fully-covered and separated balcony) with awning and appropriate furniture.
  • spacious bath rooms

Entering the Appartement Hotel in Bad Füssing will bring you pleasure...
And “MORE HOLIDAY” you can experience for sure at the Appartement Hotel Bavaria.

The in-house physiotherapy and massage therapy practice and the immediate vicinity of the Therme I with sauna facilities assure complete relaxation and recuperation of body, soul and mind.

And in the case that there are wishes which have not be fulfilled yet,
please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!


Apartment type 1

approx. 27m²

from € 30,50 per Person
Apartment type 130.50
Apartment type 2

approx. 40m²

from € 23,- per Person
Apartment type 246.00
Apartment type 3

approx. 41m²

from € 24,- per Person
Apartment type 348.00
Apartment type 4

approx. 46m²

from € 27,50 per Person
Apartment type 455.00
Please do not hesitate to contact us: +49 (0)8531 2907-0
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