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Infusion therapy

Vitamin C infusion

Vitamin C, the “magic vitamin” plays an important role for so many sections of the human body that a lack has extensive negative effects. In contrast to animals, humans are not able to create vitamin C. During an illness the body´s vitamin C requirement increases considerably. It is urgently required to support the immune system and boosts the natural defences as it activates defence cells. The vitamin C also plays a crucial role as “catcher” of free radicals which may affect cells. Risks such as stress, environmental toxin, poor nutrition, a lot of sweets, smoking etc. increase the daily requirement of vitamin C which can hardly be covered by healthy nutrition.

Vitamin C infusion is recommended:

  • in the case of acute and chronic infections
  • in the case of solid tumours / cancer
  • in the case of inflammatory rheumatic symptoms
  • in the case of herpes zoster infections
  • in the case of acute and chronic allergies
  • to improve wound healing
  • for the protection of blood vessels in the case of cardiovascular deseaes
  • in the case of stressful situations such as exams
  • for athletes
  • for smokers
  • in the case of allergies and asthma
  € 38,-

Combination treatment

Individual therapy only for me
Individual therapy only for me
  • private conversation / analysis (medical history)
  • individual treatment according results
 Duration: ca. 80 min. € 75,-
Homeopathic practitioner treatment
Homeopathic practitioner treatment
Treatment according results
 Duration: ca. 60 min. € 69,-

Injection therapy

Vitamin B – total repair treatment
Vitamin B – total repair treatment
Vitamin B1, B6, B12 and folic acid
  • is part of the cell and blood formation
  • preservation of the usual level of blood sugar
  • enhanced muscle formation
  • boosts the immue system
  • part of the lipid metabolism
  • formation of seretonin
  • boost of the nervous and cardivascular system
  • reinforcement of the nervous system
  € 15,-
Winsener bomb
  € 24,-
Neural therapy with procaine or lidocaine
In course of the neural therapy procaine or lidocaine is injected on different parts. Thanks to the injecting of procaine the self regulation of the organism is encouraged e.g. due to interference zones such as scars, myogelosis (calf muscle strain due to tensioning) or the nervous system.
  € 19,-


Application fields
  • pain or injury
  • allergies
  • skin problems
  • hair loss
  • joint problems
  • high toxin load
  • encourage organ system
  • incompatibility of tooth materials
  • mental stress
  • miasms
  • smoking cessation
  • drainage and complete detoxification
  • geopathic burden
  • high levels of electrosmog
  • and many more
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